International Marconi Day 2015
OE3KJN - special Event Station
during the Atlantic Crossing OE3KJN = AI6HN will operate maritime mobile from a small 43ft yacht
  picture: Marconis "Elettra"

I will be part of the crew for an Atlantic crossing with a Sailing Yacht "CARLILA" Type Sun Odyssey 439, Call Sign DB4612, MMSI 211664130, starting in Antigua on 18th April until 23rd May at Horta/Azores.

Since I am member of Marine Funker Club Austria and member of AMERC providing Radio Trainings for the GMDSS under it is a great honour for me to take part in the IMD 2015 on 25. April.

I will take my FT100D with me for the Atlantic crossing, but providing radiotelephony only. We also have two calls for the price of one
from 00 till 12 UTC I will use AI6HN/mm and
from 12 till 24 UTC I will use OE3KJN/mm
during that day.
Most possible I will be working on 14.285kHz +-

This is relating to the fact that Marconi was connecting Europe and America with wireless technique.

73 de Herbert OE3KJN or AI6HN
  last update: 22.4.2015
  H. Koblmiller